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b2b Marketing and Sales

Innovations change everything in the new reality. The digital technologies are crucial factor to win and keep the client.

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Innovations leading to effective marketing

Viber marketing, push notifications, mobile apps – these are just some of the modern technologies for communicating with potential customers and creating loyalty.

Social selling is an approach in b2b marketing to convert good-fit prospectuses into long-term contracts to optimise asset capacities.
Marketing automations, send personal promotional vouchers, reward loyal customers with VIP status.

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Naiden Iliev

Managing Director, ETEL

For us, change is a real opportunity that must be seized continuously. In the business ecosystem, it is defined by digital marketing innovations. This means our ability to reinvent our methods for growth optimization, while meeting the changing needs of our customers.

What are the benefits for your business?

It is essential for an ambitious company with strong growth potential or in a need of marketing reinvention to hold all the cards in hand to win the game.

Digital marketing will enable you to activate key levers for your growth.

In a nutshell: This is the way forward


Our expertise at the service of your marketing activity

Each service is designed with one watchword: innovation. We are convinced that a business on the lookout for the latest trends and with an optimal capacity evolves in a sustainable way.



Optimal use of capacity is the major marketing challenge. Let's show you how to do it using innovative marketing methods.



We all know that it is much better to keep an old client than to look for a new one. We know how to do it effectively.



It provides marketing stability and success predictability even in difficult times. Do you know how to make it?


Achieve peak results

In our new times, it is critical to react extremely fast and achieve peak results to seize the opportunities that have arisen.

Svetoslav Tiholov, Business Development Manager


Attract visitors to the website and get direct leads

Social media remains the most efficient way to reach, engage and motivate people to come to the website and convert them from visitors to leads. Reaching back and remarketing the lost guests improves the overall effectiveness of the social media channel.

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Contact Marketing

Not one know what it is in reality.

To build your own audience database and contact the prospects with multiple touch points at the right time and sequence. Executing contact plan including social media content, incentives, activations, and online events turns them to clients without media expenses.



Want to know more? Our experts will answer all your questions.